I obtained this to carry out an HID projector retrofit on my supply 1st gen Heir xB fronts lights. Installment couldn’t have actually been less complicated and the quality is respectable.

These are actually quite similar to the Morimoto Bi-xenon Mini H1, price is actually competitive.

They also send me some small screws as well as all sorts of sockets to keep the shadows on. I additionally obtained the H4 portable double ray of light relay harness to produce it plug and also participate in.

  1. I ever before installed the Philips H7 X-treme HID set in my cars and truck reflector fronts lights yet the light beam of light is ... it doesn’t have a beam trend, the lights outcome similar to a flash lighting and can glow all the people and also auto driving oncoming.
  2. While put in the Aozoom H1 bi-xenon projector still along with H1 X-treme HID package, the lightweight outcome is sensational when performed straight, by means of a projector.

Bi xenon hid projector including these centers the sunny produced from the HID capsule (light bulb) and offers it a managed “toss”.

A lot more significantly, a projector gives a “cutoff” where the intense light from the capsule is blocked coming from shining over the “deadline product line” so the light may be tuned thus concerning certainly not sparkle excessive and blind various other chauffeurs.


For right now, I have actually been using all of them for regarding 7 months and they have conducted faultlessly! I would recommend this to everyone taking into consideration a retrofit upgrade (that makes use of H4/H7 light bulbs)!

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